GoHighLevel is a comprehensive digital marketing tool that everyone has been talking about in the last few years.

In short, it’s an all-in-one solution for CRM, email marketing automation, booking, and most importantly, funnel-based needs for brands of all sizes.

By “comprehensive” I mean it effectively eliminates the need to outsource to a ton of third-party tools for all of the aforementioned tasks, as the suite packs a host of advanced features.

The main draw of GoHighLevel is to save time and improve workflow by operating its tools and features from a singular platform/dashboard.

I should preface the following sections of this review by saying that most “all-in-one” solutions are actually software suites that hit a mark or two while barely being competent in the remaining fields of performance.

GoHighLevel differs from contemporary digital marketing SaaS suites by providing simple, tried & tested solutions instead of packing the platform with as many features and functions as it could, most of which you’ll probably never even touch.

In this review, we wanted to divulge the reasons why we think GoHighLevel is the best tool out there for businesses, and how it has become our tool of choice.

GoHighLevel Overview

GoHighLevel is currently the leading marketing platform that encompasses top-tier lead acquisition, customer retention, sales funnel management, lead conversion, business automation, and many other high-level features.

In this review, I dug deep into GoHighLevel’s features and stats; I wanted to write a thorough, comprehensive review so that you, as their potential client, can know exactly what to expect should you decide to use this software.

Some of its most notable features include:

  • Customizable, yet easy-to-use templates for tailored email marketing

  • Unified messaging tools with versatile call tracking functions, allowing you to instantly access leads and clients
  • Allows you to build surveys, forms, and landing pages with minimal effort
  • Simplified scheduling and appointment booking with the calendar feature
  • A host of analytics-based tools that allow you to gather valuable data about individual marketing campaigns
  • Unique customer relationship management and pipeline-building features
  • Extensive reputation management options via Review Widget (reviews, review requests, and reports)
  • Streamlined third-party integrations with various social media platforms, payment processing platforms, and more
  • An exciting new invoicing feature is about to be introduced to the software
GoHighLevel Overview

GoHighLevel Features

The core aspect of this review revolves around this platform’s features. As one of the few all-in-one modern marketing platforms that can provide both versatility and consistent results, I firmly believe it is important to learn everything it has to offer, and how you can utilize these many features to create a tailored marketing strategy.

Agency Account and Sub-Accounts

This software was designed to help businesses thrive by managing their CRM, empowering their communication with unified SMS, email, and calling tools, and providing impeccable reputation management solutions and various other high-level features.

However, one of GoHighLevel’s main benefits is that you can also extend its tools and features to your clients by creating sub-accounts. Everything this software has to offer is available to both main (agency) and sub-accounts without any limitations or potential drawbacks.

It should be noted that the basic account (Agency Starter Account) does not provide this option. It’s a single-account subscription that allows you to set up a single account, which can be used for your business, or your client.

The Agency Unlimited Account is slightly more expensive on a monthly basis, but it will allow you to create unlimited accounts and sub-accounts, which you can use for your other businesses, clients, or both.

Sales Funnel and Landing Page Builder

I dare say that this feature is the foundation of GoHighLevel’s platform. The funnel & landing page builder can make or break your attempts to convert curious consumers into customers.

The first and arguably most important thing I’d like to highlight is GoHighLevel’s affordability. Outsourcing dedicated funnel-building software can take hundreds of dollars out of your pocket, and you can achieve similar, if not greater results with this convenient feature.

For reference, you would have to spend $297 per month for ClickFunnels, $41 per month for Drip’s email marketing, and hundreds of dollars for a competitive pipeline management solution (such as Monday or Bigin). GoHighLevel gives you a highly intuitive, highly efficient funnel builder paired with CRM, pipeline management, email marketing, and a host of other tools at a fraction of the price.

When it comes to the built-in drag-and-drop landing page builder, it’s easier than ever to create anything from simple landing pages to multi-step funnels with surveys and forms.

With the ability to create unique landing pages, you’ll have an opportunity to generate dramatically more leads, as you can create as many as you want, or polish a singular one to perfection.

The landing page builder is highly intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need to be overly tech-savvy to design an attractive, yet informative landing page.

The funnel & landing page builder’s responsiveness is just as amazing, complementing the quick-to-use D&D interface and providing a thoroughly streamlined experience.

This feature is designed to both save time and serve as the jumping board for your clients’ marketing campaigns. Its ease of use is a huge benefit for B2B agencies that operate with a lot of clients.

GoHighLevel offers a template library with 18 different categories. Within each category, there are a few templates that one can use and customize with the drag-and-drop builder.

Some other funneling platforms allow you to share funnels with others. The import and export feature works a little different in GoHighLevel though due to something called Snapshot, which allows one to export complete account settings that includes anything from funnels or pages you build to complete workflows, tags, and more.

Besides importing Snapshot, ​​other pre-existing funnels can be imported easily. All you have to do is go to Sites -> Funnels, Name a Funnel, Click Next Step, and enter the ClickFunnel URL.

Comprehensive CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management, also referred to as ‘CRM’, is the process, technology, or strategy of monitoring, harvesting, and centralizing data regarding customer interactions, which are the building blocks of any sales funnel concept.

With a basic CRM app, you can track the shopping behaviors of your customers, collect basic information, keep it neatly organized, and build individual customer profiles. However, the majority of businesses are using ‘basic’ CRM apps and tools, and as we’ve already established, GoHighLevel is pretty advanced in everything they do.

The brand’s CRM service is app-based, featuring a clean, highly intuitive user interface, and an easily accessible dashboard.

You can create an unlimited amount of sub-accounts to onboard your clients, build their sales pipeline, work on customized customer relationship management campaigns, and virtually engage any sales campaign for your clients through a singular place – the GoHighLevel dashboard.

Intelligent Pipelines

This is one of the features that you don’t want to overlook, as it allows you to thoroughly organize the hierarchy of your leads depending on the funnel stage they are in.

With intelligent pipelines, it’s easier than ever to separate freshly acquired leads from individuals holding their wallets, ready to pay for your products or services. The ‘Smart Pipelines’ feature is outfitted with built-in contact-scraping technology, allowing you to keep tabs on the conversation history of your clients and adapt to any scenario at a moment’s notice.

This is one of the core GoHighLevel features that provides another channel for acquiring feedback and leveraging it on the spot by implementing new information and organizing your lead base.

Seamless Synchronization with Relevant Websites and Social Media Pages

Contact scraping is one of the crucial elements that condition the efficiency of nearly any lead acquisition campaign. Although there are other ways to obtain information about your leads, I believe that this is one of the least intrusive means to do so.

Although GoHighLevel is not a dedicated web scraping platform, it does have a feature that allows you to instantly sync its services with your clients’ websites and social media pages.

In turn, this provides you with the means to gather big data as quickly as painlessly as possible.

Given the fact that both consumers and brands are turning to social media in this day and age, I strongly believe that this feature is an extremely important part of GoHighLevel’s platform, mainly because it’s fully automated and scalable (as clients expand their reach, its efficiency ramps up proportionately).

GoHighLevel Features

Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns can take up hours of your working day and weeks of your working month. Moreover, as days and tasks pile up, the process of centralizing the big data you’ve collected can add up to another month of wasted time.

GoHighLevel’s fully automated email marketing service and communication tools ensure that you can focus on more important tasks by streamlining the process of acquiring, catering to, and ultimately converting your leads to loyal customers.

First and most importantly, you will get to choose from a variety of templates and use a number of versatile tools to design engaging emails that will kick off the campaign. All templates are fully customizable, as well as editable.

Secondly, the email-building tool is very straightforward and simple to use. Even if you aren’t overly tech-savvy, you can still use it to build strong emails. You will also have the help of the visual editor with a clean UI, which offers advice to beginners.

Its drag & drop design is what amazed me the most, as it streamlines and hastens the process even further.

Thirdly, there is a feature called ‘Smart Lists’, which can be used to fragmentize the list of emails for more efficient targeting. There are a couple of other notable features, such as the option to send, schedule, or archive emails (and customizable templates).

Automated Email Marketing

Survey & Form Builder

After extensive brand awareness campaigns and months of nurturing leads, the next logical step is to retain your base of customers and build a strong foundation based on loyalty and respect.

A good way to start is to keep the opinions and thoughts of your customers relevant and to let them know that they mean something to your brand, company, or agency. The survey and form builder feature was meant for precisely that.

With this feature, you can create polls, surveys, forms, and acquire heaps of feedback from your customers. Furthermore, given that this feature was designed to be both flexible and simple, you can create your own template and cater to your existing loyal customers while also creating fresh forms, polls, and surveys to engage your newest clients.

Automated Communication Tools

Communication with customers and clients is one of the most fundamental elements of any successful business or brand. While various text and messaging platforms offer fairly affordable services, GoHighLevel’s fully automated communication tools have put the core text, email, and voicemail features under one banner, offering a much simpler, more efficient approach.

The ‘Force Call’ is one of the communication tools that really stands out, as you can instantly call new leads and establish a connection in the blink of an eye. Another brilliant communication tool is the ‘Dialer’ feature, which provides you with detailed call history, as well as the ability to make or record calls at the touch of a button.

The automated SMS, MMS, emails, as well as ring-less voicemail messaging features would’ve been too much to handle for larger corporations and B2B agencies, but the fact that they’re completely automated takes weeks off your business calendar.

Automated Communication Tools

Accurate and Detailed Analytics

The numbers of how many customers have interacted with a webpage, a product, or an ad paint a rough picture of how well your company is doing. GoHighLevel boasts an enviable level of accuracy in terms of tracking relevant data, all of which can be accessed on the Analytics dashboard.

Given that GoHighLevel is tracking a staggering amount of data, the importance of big data categorization can’t be neglected. The brand has created a streamlined dashboard where all relevant data can be accessed, which is grouped in several categories, including:

  1. Google Ads – the impact of every Google ad campaign can be observed on this dashboard. In short, this section tracks the number of clicks and impressions, conversion amount, rate, cost per conversion, view-through conversion, and the average CPC.

  2. Facebook Ads – similar metrics are measured compared to the Google Ads dashboard, with the addition of more in-depth analytics regarding impressions per campaign, timeline impressions, and more. At the click of a button, you can also integrate GoHighLevel with Facebook and keep tabs on generated revenue, as well as monitor return on investment metrics derived from individual Facebook campaigns.
  3. Attribution Report – the core analytics report native marketing ventures on the main GoHighLevel dashboard. It shows charts and accurate numbers regarding sources of traffic, closed revenue, contacts, total sessions, opportunities closed, and more.
  4. Appointment Reporting – found under the Report section, this dashboard keeps tabs of all bookings and appointments.
  5. Call Reporting – a dashboard separate from appointments, although they’re tightly knit, this section tracks calls made via the GoHighLevel platform, presenting a detailed and accurate list of missed, answered, and first-time calls, call sources, latest calls, and such.
Accurate and Detailed Analytics

Membership Sites & Areas

Another great feature that proves GoHighLevel is ‘for agencies, by an agency’ is the Membership Sites & Areas platform. As a customer-centric company, GoHighLevel wants you to build a customer-centric agency, and for your clients to notice it.

With this feature suite, you will have an opportunity to create tutorial videos, explainers, or courses; the platform offers unlimited hosting and does not impose a limit to the number of users that can view it.

Furthermore, you can create and include these videos on your website, or you can sell them, or make them accessible via subscription.

The versatility of this platform is truly amazing, as it is useful for practically any brand or company, regardless of niche or target audience. You can host tutorials and teach via free courses, but you can also switch over to a subscription-based model as your brand grows.

Simple Appointment Booking and Calendar Scheduling

If you want to keep your schedule on point and prevent working overtime from becoming the new norm, you’ll probably be more than thrilled to use this GoHighLevel feature. A simple calendar that allows you to schedule appointments with your leads is all you’ll need to nurture them and showcase your professionalism.

On top of that, the automated reminders will keep both you and your leads on schedule at all times, so that you don’t miss a single opportunity to transform prospects into fresh customers.

Simple Appointment Booking and Calendar Scheduling

White-Labeling Platform Segment

There aren’t many companies that offer quality white-labeling services, let alone brands that specialize in it, so it’s only natural to highlight this as one of GoHighLevel’s core features.

Instead of providing a singular service or a compact package of white-labeling solutions, GoHighLevel has a whole white-labeling platform segment within its own platform, encompassing everything from white-labeling websites, apps, products, and anything in between.

According to their short description of this service, you can white-label icons and entire domains as well. The combined effect of these features is enough to establish an impactful online reputation from scratch, build brand awareness, and most importantly, it’s a ticket to the big leagues for SMEs while being a formidable tool in the arsenal of bigger corporations that want to remain relevant and more competitive.

Finally, the white-labeling platform offers unlimited users and accounts, meaning that you will have an excellent level of flexibility to rely on when determining the price of your white-labeled products, services, apps, icons, or domains, should you wish to sell instead of using them yourself. 

Stripe Compatibility

Payment transaction times, especially if they’re too long, can make a big dent in any marketing campaign. In fact, they can also ruin a perfectly conceptualized sales funnel model and deter your leads, as well as cause even bigger problems when it comes to refunds.

Needless to say, all of these issues will poorly reflect on your brand, obtain the complete opposite of your marketing campaign’s goals, and all of them can be traced to a singular source – clients who hate to but are forced to wait.

GoHighLevel is directly integrated with Stripe, meaning that you can use this platform to reliably and quickly collect payments from your clients. This platform also supports Shopify integrations, although it’s not automated, so you’ll have to set up this integration yourself.

Third-Party Integrations

GoHighLevel can be synced with a number of platforms and programs that are essential to both your agency and your clients.

Aside from Stripe, which we’ve just discussed, you can sync GoHighLevel with QuickBooks, Zapier, Facebook, Zoom, Google, Shopify, and various other third-party platforms.

Invoice Feature (TBA)

Although it’s not a part of the GoHighLevel feature suite just yet, the brand is planning to launch an invoice feature.

This is a tremendous help when it comes to keeping tabs on all sales in general, but it especially shines when it comes to requesting timely payments, tracking inventory, and keeping a tidy house sales-wise.

GoHighLevel Benefits

Now that we’ve taken a look at the features the GoHighLevel platform has in store, I want to briefly explain how it can be of use to your company or brand. GoHighLevel is essentially a one-stop-marketing-shop, so all of the following benefits can be reaped by any business, regardless of size or niche:

  1. A sales-driving machine – with access to surgically precise data analytics and numerous features geared towards centralizing information, your brand will be well-equipped and informed to drive more sales.
  2. Create a tailored sales funnel concept – you get to choose how many layers your sales funnel design will have, the way your customers perceive your products/services, and how they interact with them.
  3. Build strong marketing campaigns – a comprehensive CRM suite paired with automated email/SMS marketing features ensures that you can reach hundreds of thousands of leads and customers at the click of a button. Custom email builders and several templates further reinforce the versatility of approaches you can take with any marketing strategy.
  4. All tools and programs on a singular platform – the sheer fact that you don’t need to switch (and log into) multiple apps, websites, and platforms to organize all your marketing needs is a benefit.
  5. Mobile-friendly – GoHighLevel offers a lightweight, highly intuitive app that can be used to access all of its features remotely, provided you have internet access. This provides the much-needed business agility and ensures you can clinch better deals more dependably.
  6. Dozens of seamless integrations – From Stripe and Quickbooks, to Shopify and Zapier, to Facebook, Zoom, and Google, you can connect all relevant platforms within minutes. Moreover, GoHighLevel offers simple tutorials on how to perform each integration, if they aren’t automated, to begin with.
  7. On-platform payment processing options – as established, you don’t need a separate payment processing solution, as you can collect customer payments directly from GoHighLevel’s platform.

There are numerous other advantages to using GoHighLevel aside from the ones I’ve just mentioned above.

Other notable benefits include seamless appointment booking and calendar scheduling, real-time notifications, streamlined customer communication via calls or SMS, broadcast messaging, and more.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

GoHighLevel is a SaaS (software as a service) platform that offers flexible pricing models. Although some people may prefer purchasable apps and platforms, I strongly support this pricing model mainly because GoHighLevel is evolving and constantly keeping track of the latest marketing trends, updating its service catalog as new technologies inspire new marketing needs.

That being said, you can choose from one of the three pricing plans:

  1. Agency Starter Account – features Twilio (2-way texting service), Mailgun (API-based unlimited sending tool), and a single agency account. This subscription costs $97 per month.
  2. Agency Unlimited Account – encompasses all of the features available in the Agency Starter Account, plus unlimited sub-accounts. You will also get a branded desktop app, which provides you with an opportunity to customize the GoHighLevel platform. This subscription costs $297 per month.
  3. White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade – this is basically an upgrade that includes a fully customized mobile application that can be branded, and custom Zap for your brand. The only drawback is that it requires the Agency Unlimited subscription. It costs an additional $497 per month.

Although the Unlimited account and White Label + Custom Zap Upgrade may be a bit pricey for some, these subscriptions offer substantial benefits and unlock the full suite of features that GoHighLevel has to offer.

Both Agency Starter and Agency Unlimited accounts can be tested with the 14-day free trial versions while you can contact GoHighLevel’s customer support team to learn more about the White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade subscription.

GoHighLevel Compared to Alternatives

Aside from the basic (Agency Starter Account) subscription, it can be argued that GoHighLevel may be pricey to certain small businesses. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth – GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform that charges a fraction of what other specialized companies would charge.

We have already established that GoHighLevel’s subscription costs are in the range of $97 to $794 per month, depending on the chosen pricing plan. However, let’s take a look at how much you’d pay for individual services of other companies for features that GoHighLevel offers at a singular place:

Company/Service Name:

Service Type:

Subscription Cost:


Calendar and Scheduling Tools

From $8 to $16 per month

Click Funnels

Sales and Funnel Builder

From $97 to $297 per month


Email and SMS Marketing

Average of $372 per month with 25,000 contacts


Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage Database

From $14,08 to $183,25 per month


Online Form and Survey Builder

From $25 to $83 per month


Customer Relationship Management

From $29 to $149 per month, per user

The table above lists programs that you’d otherwise have to subscribe to in order to use several of the most important GoHighLevel features.

However, the lowest subscription costs of the aforementioned programs are basic and generally best-suited for students and freelancers while the highest subscription costs are for professionals.

Subscribing to all of these programs with the lowest subscription packages would cost $516,8 per month while subscribing to the professional packages would cost as much as $1,110,25.

The most expensive GoHighLevel pricing plan includes every listed feature, and much more while costing $794. The price difference is fairly big, especially considering that it’s represented on a monthly level.

However, the biggest benefit of GoHighLevel is still the fact that all of these features are available in one place, eliminating the need to subscribe to and use numerous other programs.


After considering dozens of online marketing tools and platforms, I think it is safe to say that GoHighLevel can be counted among the most innovative ones.

This platform offers an abundance of interesting features, most of which are fully automated, and using it is a reliable way to not only put your brand on the map but to efficiently scale and consistently acquire new leads.

Though pricey, I believe it is worth the investment, as it provides business agility, flexibility, and most importantly, results. We hope that you’ve learned all you needed about GoHighLevel with this review.

Salman Aslam
Salman Aslam is the Managing Director at Omnicore, a leading Healthcare Digital Advertising & Marketing Agency helping clients across the globe. You can follow him on Twitter for tweets and rants about the latest news, tips, and advice on digital marketing.